Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This year we've decided not to spend a week of our summer at the lake. It wasn't a very difficult decision to make... it's a lot of work taking three kids (especially two of them) out of their element and disrupting the routine.

The thought of Benett and Ellie missing their naps for a week is enough reason, in and of itself, to stay put at home.

Although the decision wasn't difficult, we'll still miss our getaway. There is a distinct feeling about being away on the annual summer vacation that you just don't get at home... the carefree feeling of a boat gently rocking. The tired feeling from a day of swimming and having fun. The vastly different surroundings... sounds... you know.. that vacation feeling.

Gavin is so small in this picture. I'm trying to remember how old he was... he must have been 4 (and a half). It seems like a lifetime ago that he was so small. I remember loving this moment, even though it may not look like it... I was deep in thought. Thinking about how nice it was for my boy to sit quietly and want to be held. I think I found more comfort in that moment than he did.

Maybe that's really what makes vacation week so special... realizing just how much the family you're spending time with is a comfort and a joy. And a gently rocking boat.

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