Thursday, April 16, 2015


A couple of weeks ago we had the great pleasure to participate in the marriage celebration of two beautiful people, who committed themselves to one another, becoming one beautiful family. Individually, they're both so sweet and special, but together they're something even more amazing. They're an inspiration.

The weekend in the city was special for us not just because of the auspicious occasion, but because we had a chance to spend time with those we love in a different environment. I love interacting with the little people in new and different places. I enjoy watching them acclimate to their surroundings and take it all in. Every day things, like a game of Eye Spy, became new and exciting, while sitting on the hotel room floor, studying the downtown skyline all around us.

For Gavin, who has had the opportunity to see and do more than his younger siblings, the surroundings were not quite as new and exciting... or maybe that's just how he wanted to portray himself, being the sophisticated 11-year-old that he is. Being a tween really is a unique place to be. He's caught between wanting to do some of the things the littler people do and wanting to be more grown-up. I know he had a good time, and for me, seeing him looking so grown-up and dashing was a treasure. (Although, I know he was more happy than anyone to shrug off the suit at the end of the night.)

It's true, being away from home with three little people is a challenge... add fancy clothes to that and it has the potential for stress. Thank God for Monte. He's great at keeping things on the level and making sure nothing goes too far sideways. Simply put, he's great at managing me and distracting the little people. That's why I like this picture so much. It speaks a truth about each of us... Monte, calm and steady. Gavin in the middle and willing to smile - again. Benett being happy when he is and Ellie hiding when she can. And me, well I'm there taking a deep breath and a long blink.