Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I promised myself that I wouldn’t lament, but I can’t help it… after all, anytime spent outside in the summer is a good thing, right? Um, no. Not on a beautifully still night, when the gnats are trying to eat you alive.

The only thing that will keep them somewhat at bay is by waving one’s hand around one’s head like a lunatic. Not a pretty picture and I can only imagine what passers-by think. It’s also quite difficult to get anything done with all that flapping.

These pests wouldn’t be so bad if they were content to just confine their high pitched whiney-buzz to a respectable distance. Instead they try to fly into my eyes, ears, nose… All the swatting and snorting wasn’t getting me anywhere…

So I tried running away from them. (Have you ever tried to run with a full watering can?) But alas, I was just winded… and they took that opportunity to fly into my gasping airway. (I think I need a little more exercise in my life.) Finally, after 10 minutes I was so frustrated that I was forced indoors.

I’m probably tempting fate, but why is it that these bothersome bugs done follow me inside? Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad that they don’t, but why? They take every opportunity to buzz and bite at any exposed flesh outside, but they won’t come in… they must know better.

On the upside, this happy little face was waiting for me when I got in! Just when I thought she’d never show her smiling face for a picture, Ellie was more than happy to comply tonight. She even said, “Cheese!” (Although it sounded more like, “eeezzeee.”) Benett tried to ‘help’ her smile and show her teeth, but that wasn’t so successful (picture him prying her lips back) so we put the camera away.

We’ll work on the toothy grin tomorrow, for now, I’m ready for a cold beverage and a soft chair… all that lunatic hand waving has me worn out.

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