Sunday, June 26, 2011

Garden Love

All of the kids enjoy time outside. For Gavin, time spent playing in the sand or dirt has been traded for time practicing baseball. He's in love with that sport. When we're outside, he'll ask anyone and everyone to pitch to him. He loves to play catch too. It's all he seems to think about when he's outside.

Benett loves to be in the garden. As we finish eating our dinner, he will invariably ask, "Can we go play in the garden?" To which my answer is a resounding, "YES!" I love that time too.

Lately, he's been enjoying 'pruning' my trees. He also likes to dig random holes. These aren't holes in which to place plants, these are just random holes. Everywhere. It's like my refuge is being booby-trapped. Between him and the gophers... let's just say I have my hands full putting things back in order.

Ellie is a garden lover too. I've realized that I'm much more easy going with the little people in the garden now. (So sorry, Gavin.) I used to be a little bit... let's just say I wasn't so relaxed about where little feet step and what they step on. I've let go of that baggage. They can pretty much go anywhere. Do anything. And Ellie is taking that to the extreme. She likes to eat dirt. We're working on that one... I'm afraid that she's seen Benett eat too much off of the floor. *Sigh....

Despite all of the baseball playing, hole digging, dirt eating little people who step on anything and everything, my garden is in bloom. The mint has officially taken over. The chives are spreading like weeds. And we're loving every second of it.

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