Saturday, June 25, 2011


I've been looking forward to today for a week.

Today was Great Aunt Minnie's estate sale. I just knew there would be some treasures to be found. I didn't know what exactly we'd come across, but I did know that throughout her 87 years, Minnie has been a crafty gal.

From painting to sewing to needle craft, there were supplies that told the tale of so many projects. Some were unfinished, waiting on a closet shelf for someone to take home and lovingly finish. The quilt tops... they seem to have a story all their own. I wasn't ready to help finish telling that story. They were a little intimidating. But the spools upon spools of thread were calling to me. These little beauties are all silk. The colors just pop.

Each of the spools are wooden, which I love. They speak of another place. A time when things were simpler. Slower and more deliberate. Each of them were marked $.25. They're precious.

Even Benett seemed to understand that these little things were special. He sat close by me on the floor as I snapped pictures. He couldn't not touch the little treasures. But he was a quieter version of himself. Knowing to be careful... that he should use his most gentle touch.

We also found buttons. So many buttons. I'm not sure what project these things will be used for, but I know that I'll think of Great Aunt Minnie the entire time.

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