Monday, August 31, 2015


As the little people get older, their perspective changes right along with their growing minds and bodies. No longer am I able to color the world, and their place in it, in quite the same way.

I want to protect my children from the scenes that I see and those that my imagination creates when I look at current events. I want to shield them from the power of money/religion/politics/business. I want to add context to facts... not sugar-coat things, but explain for myself not just the 'what', but the 'why' and in a context that matters to us.

Regardless of what I want, the little people are slowly removing the foggy goggles and seeing things plain and clear for themselves. I'm very thankful for the measure of influence that I still have, especially when it comes to the tween in the house, but wish that in some respects I could ask them to keep their goggles on for much longer.

That's too much to ask, but still I find myself striving for a quieter and more controlled environment, especially as we get closer to the start of school. For the first, and only time, all three will be in the same school building. All will be on their own journey, taking in that plain and clear view without me at their side.

When school starts, their minds will be exposed to all sorts of thrilling things. Some carefully planned and measured by our trusted teachers... others things taught and carried out by peers. All will be important learning experiences, not all will be weighted in the same way.

All of that is a part of growing up... all of that is a part of taking the goggles off. What I failed to realize is that I too have been viewing things through a foggy and distorted lens. And now I'm forced to remove mine as well. Thankfully, when I do, I know that the lessons that my little people will teach me will not be carefully planned and measured, but taught and carried out with love. I couldn't ask for anything more.