Thursday, June 6, 2013


I'd like to introduce the newest members of our feathered family. In one weak moment, our flock doubled.

Actually, I've been planning on these birds for a while. I wanted to start some chicks, but didn't want to hassle with the heat lamp and all of the other things that seemed to be involved... it just seemed like a whole lot of extra work. Up until now, I was perfectly happy to have my gals grown a bit for me, bringing them home when they were better able to fend for themselves.

But honestly, I'm not sure how I ever resisted chicks before... they're really not that much more work, for now anyway. And the cute factor is out of control.

I love their little peeping sounds too... it's almost comforting... but ask me how I feel about that sound tomorrow morning... they're surprisingly loud, given their small size... but I guess that goes for all of the little things that live in this house.

Little people and little birds also have the common ability to make quite a mess. They don't seem to be able to eat without their food becoming scattered all over... and getting a drink requires full submersion. I find myself wondering how Ellie winds up with food on her forehead after most meals...

Despite the messes, I'll keep all of my messy little people and messy little peeps. It certainly makes life more interesting this way.