Friday, June 24, 2011


Today was one of those days where everything seemed to take forever. Traffic didn't move fast enough.When I finally got to work, my computer wouldn't boot fast enough. When it was booted, I couldn't seem to type fast enough to get all of the work done that I wanted to accomplish.

When we did decide to take a quick break for lunch, it was anything BUT quick. We waited an hour and 10 minutes for our food (a salad and a burger) only to get frustrated and ask for it in a to-go box... From there I had to rush back to work, sit at my desk and try to eat my salad quickly so that I could get to my next meeting.

When we finally got home, I couldn't seem to do anything fast enough for the little people... Ge them in the house, get them a little snack, get dinner made... they were just STARVING. It was one slow thing after the next.All. Day. Long.

Even though everything, at the time, seemed painfully slow, the day (and this week) moved at break-neck speed. It was all a blur, with barely a moment spared in reflection. Somehow it became Friday. We're all ready for a couple of days at a self-inflicted slow pace. Not the frustrating kind... I'm thinking of the easy, summery kind where schedules are thrown to the wind and we do what ever strikes our fancy.

That slow and easy pace is something that all of us are ready to raise a glass to. The kids... well their glasses were filled with water. Mine tonight... well that will be filled with something more of the fermented variety. Cheers!

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