Monday, June 27, 2011


I was under some misguided impression that summer was filled with 'lazy days' and 'carefree fun.' Something seems to be awry, because our July is shaping up to be anything BUT lazy or carefree.

It may be a new phenomenon, but it seems as though we are becoming a little less anti-social... just maybe... We are booked up every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, each Saturday and most Sundays.

Looks like these three cheese balls are going to get a little social interaction time. I apologize in advance to those of you who we'll be spending time with in our busy July.

Do you like the tractor shirts? The little people love them! Benett's worn his twice in three days. We had to bribe him to take the shirt off the first night. Trust me, if it hadn't been so dirty I would have let him sleep in it... if only to put off the fight about taking it off for the next morning. It's amazing how much more tolerant I can be after a few hours sleep and a cup of coffee. It's like magic.

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