Sunday, January 16, 2011


Some people don't really care for winter. It's cold and that's not always so fun. For others the snow will send them racing towards warmer climates. It can be a chore to deal with. (I can really speak to that... Don't ask how many times I've been stuck in my own driveway.)

Even with the added stress of bundling the kids up every time we need to step out the door... with the bitter cold that seems to send a chill straight to the bone... the snow that constantly needs to be cleared away... I love the winter.

Ask me in the spring, and I'll most likely say that I love that season... summer and autumn as well. Living in the North means a change of season. Ultimately, that is what I enjoy. Each season brings with it a feeling. Adjustments to the routine.
This year our winter routine has involved cozy sweaters, footy pjs for the kids, a warm fireplace, soup/stew/chili, down comforters, a record number of boxes of kleenex, 4-wheel drive and finding missing mittens. I've enjoyed it all.

But in a month, we'll start to itch for a new routine. We will force the change by starting tomato seeds in the East facing windows, and hope that the sight of green grass isn't far behind.


  1. I love this picture! We should antique this and get a print made. It's so peaceful.

  2. Wonderful shot Megan. Keep shooting!!!! That one should be on display. Al