Friday, June 10, 2011


We're flexing our creative muscles this weekend... giving the Silhouette machine a workout in the process. (I'm loving all of the creativity that goes into making our own cards and stuff... I can't wait to finish the Chore Chart so that I can share it with you!)

Tomorrow I'll get the little people involved in flower arrangements. I'm doing my best to store up extra amounts of patience... they just love to help... so with that in mind, our arrangements are going to be rustic and countryish. The picture I have in my head is charming. We'll see what the finished product looks like though.

Even though tomorrow is Saturday, there will be no lounging about. No sleeping in. No shirtless flexing. We're going to get an early start... with all of the Farewell, Graduation and Retirement parties this weekend we'll need to stick to a schedule. But I'm determined not to feel hurried or stressed.

But before we get started on our creative-muscle-flexing weekend, I think I'll enjoy my Friday evening in a comfy chair, next to Monte. Perfect.

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