Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This is Jackson. He is a sweet dog who has been with Monte and Me for 8 years. He had a sad beginning that lead him to what I hope is a happy ending.

As a puppy he was mistreated by his people. Like many labs, Jackson was a very high energy puppy with a touch of separation anxiety. I believe his owners didn't know how to deal with those things and eventually just didn't care for him properly.

In the end, he wound up at the local veterinary clinic with a severe leg injury. He ended up needing major surgery, which left him with a pin in his little puppy leg.

The surgery and subsequent treatment was a painful ordeal for little Jackson. The first time I met him, I remember being struck by how sweet he was, despite his pain. He was also loving to those humans caring for him, despite his experiences that lead him to surgery. That and he loved Kermit THEE Frog.

We couldn't resist him, and Jackson became a permanent part of our family after his treatment was completed at the vet, in 2002.

Jackson still loves to play, even though the arthritis in his hip is painful. He doesn't whine about it. He isn't ornery, cantankerous or distant. He's happy despite his challenges. He loves his people... and we love him right back.

Some of us love Jackson more than others... He and Ellie have a... strained relationship. She's just not so sure about him, and most of the time, she feels the way she looks in this picture.

She's getting better. And I can see that Jackson is happy that he's beginning to win her over. Every now and then, when she's not paying much attention, he'll steal a kiss on her leg or foot. It's sweet. He wants to love her, but he knows she'll be upset, so he does his very best to contain his affection.

Jackson is growing gray around the muzzle. I think he looks wise in his old age. But he still acts like a pup... Racing too and fro, taking every opportunity to play with all of us. I really think this is a happy time for him, and that makes me very happy too. With any luck, Ellie will turn the corner and grow in her fondness of him... which I think will be the icing on his cake.

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