Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The transition times are difficult for the little people. Transitioning from home to daycare in the morning and vise-versa in the evening, is trying. Ellie cries and wants to be held. Benett is whiny. Getting everyone home at the end of the day is my least favorite part of our routine right now.

Though the transition is less than ideal most nights, if I can get the two little ones distracted in play, they quickly forget that they're unhappy. Which makes preparing dinner considerably easier.

Most of the time, Benett is so engrossed in his own little world of play that quite a lot gets past him. Tonight though, he was a little more nervous. Perhaps it was the ominous looking clouds that have been hovering over us all day... Tonight he was needy. He needed his mama.

Me: trying to get out to the garage, to bring in Ellie's pacifier.
Benett: "No Mommy! Don't go."
Me: "Benett, I'll be right back. I just have to go to the car."
Benett: "But Mama*, don't leave me. I'll get lost..."

He was so scared. He was doing his best to use words to convey his message. He just didn't want to be left behind. No matter what.

Me: "I'll never leave you Benett. No matter what."
Benett: "Okay mama."

*I never really thought of myself as a "mama."
But I have to say, I love it when the little people call me that.

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