Monday, June 13, 2011


Our party preparations this past weekend involved a couple of balloon projects. We were inspired by one that I saw here, and tried to recreate our own.

We made a mini version first. You can see it hanging above Gavin. We were pleased with the results, so we moved on up to a much bigger version. That guy ended up being about 10' long. It was a monster... it was so big in fact that after it was all assembled, we didn't know how we were going to get it to fit in the van to transport it to party central. In the end, we managed to stuff it in the vehicle... but wow! It was big.

Normally, I don't let the little people play with balloons. They are dangerous, and a choking hazard. The warnings on the package clearly state that balloons are not for children under the age of 8. But in reality, the warning should say, "Balloons are not only a choking hazard, but be aware that fighting will break out within 5 minutes of opening this package. Use at the risk of your own mental health." That would be a helpful warning.

However, I was feeling brave, and let Gavin play with a couple of the leftover balloons. He used the little hand pump to blow up the balloons. Then he and Ellie would watch them go whizzing across the room. Poor Benett missed out on the fun... but come to think of it, that may be why I was feeling so brave... and why there was no fighting... go figure.

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