Sunday, December 27, 2015


Our long holiday weekend is drawing to a close. We have celebrated, we have snacked, we have ripped open packages, we have played and played and played.

No matter how much they want to deny it, the little people (and big ones too) are tired. So many late nights, so much sugar... and as much as we've enjoyed the festivities, it will be nice to get back into a bit of a routine tomorrow.

Since waking on Christmas morning and finding (much to their great surprise?) that Santa had stopped and left a few goodies, the little people have been lost in their own individual worlds of play. My living room... and sunroom... are covered with legos and toys. It makes me twitchy to have stuff all over, but no matter how I try to tidy up, there is always a little person following behind me pulling things out again. As much as it pains me to admit defeat... I think it's best to leave the pieces and parts where they are and try cleaning up another day.

Although Christmas is behind us, we're still not ready to let it go. Benett and I tried to remember all of the days of Christmas tonight at bedtime. We did pretty good until we got to eight... we couldn't recall if it was Lords a-leaping or Maids a-milking... so we decided that seven swans a-swimming was enough for us. That's the kind of thing I'll miss when we get into January and it's no longer acceptable to sing carols at bedtime.

We have a few days left in December... maybe we'll figure it out yet and get all the way to 12. And if not, we'll have a great time trying.

Saturday, December 26, 2015


About two days before Christmas I had this panicked feeling deep in my belly. I realized that there precious few hours remaining to squeeze in all of the things I wanted to do, to create Christmas memories with the little people.

It was not a logical reason for panic.

The truth is, memories are created in the times that aren't always planned. They're not always as idyllic as the imagined version, but they are much sweeter.

I hadn't planned on singing Christmas carols at bath time with Benett and Ellie. But that's when it happened. The acoustics were fantastic and we really spiced up the "five GOLDEN RINGS!" The sound of their laughter is the sweetest thing I can imagine.

I didn't plan on Benett enjoying the Christmas season without his two front teeth. I could listen to his lispy little voice for hours (if he's not whining). More than once, he sang, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth, my two front teeth!"

It turns our he wanted more than that, and his generous grandparents obliged. He has legos upon legos and spent the entire day today assembling them. I love how he puts his mind to a task and has the ability to stick with it until it's done.

I really didn't plan for her to be such a big kid this year, but Miss Ellie isn't a baby anymore. She's tall for her age and she loves to be where all of the action is at. As a littler girl, she was content to keep up with her big brothers, but today she's a bit more independent. Benett is always close by... but I thing that's as much for his own peace of mind, as for her benefit.

The excitement that they exuded on Christmas eve was so... loud... and uniquely them. B and E were attached at the hip, and trying to soak up that rare cousin time.

Gavin is getting really tough to catch with the camera. I've been noticing that for a while now, but going through the few pictures I managed to snap in the last few days, so few include him. He is growing up... He's so tall he hid the Christmas tree behind him, in the group shot. He's almost a teenager. Almost. He teeters on the edge of child-like excitement and that teen 'try-not-to-look-excited' thing.

The truth is, no matter how much I want to make this season special for the little people, I will never be able to get everything packed into the month. I will never be able to photograph and document all of the things that make them and the season special. I hope I'll remember all of it, but that most likely will fade as well. I'm trying to be okay with that... but in case I'm not, I've already started making my list for next year.