Friday, June 3, 2011

Full Swing

Gavin's busy summer schedule is in full swing. There is so much going on, especially in June, that I had to create a calendar to get it all in one place. Between baseball, swimming lessons, kickball and daycare activities... he's going to be a busy guy.

I think the thing that Monte is most excited about is Gavin's gradually increasing interest in sports. Since Gavin was a baby, that's one thing that Monte has looked forward to... up until recently, it didn't look like Gavin was going to have a sports interest. But now, well now he's all about baseball... practice a couple of nights a week and at least one game a week... it's a big step in an athletic direction.

I have to admit that I'm getting into it too. I love watching Gavin and Monte playing catch. I always have... but now it's practice. Monte's giving pointers, Gavin's take some and complains about others, but he's improving.

Plus he's super cute in his uniform.

Not only are all of his summer activities important to him, but fitting in is getting to be more of a thing for Gavin... and these white pants were a big faux pas on my part... I was sent to the store with one instruction, to pick up some baseball pants. Pretty simple.

When I got there, there were two colors, white and gray. But the only medium that was left was white... no big deal, right? WRONG. At the game last night, Gavin was the only kid (on either team) wearing white pants. So, can you guess where I'll be tomorrow? Yep, that's right... shopping all over for youth, size medium, GRAY pants.

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