Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I can honestly say that I've never had my toilet photographed... But Monte just couldn't let this one go unnoticed, and I'm so glad!

You see, we have a growing boy who lives in this house. Just ask him, and Gavin will tell you himself that he's an "eating machine." With that comes some not-so-great side effects. So... we've asked Gavin several times to make sure that when he leaves the facility, he's leaving it in the same flushing condition it was in when he entered.

But tonight, we were all outside, enjoying the lovely cooler weather. He was heeding my instruction... and because those gears are always turning, he knew he'd better get the message across... somehow.

Although the subject matter is... atypical... the note is priceless. I can't help laughing every time I look at it.

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