Saturday, June 18, 2011


This week at work we had a little excitement. A little wildlife making a home in the loading dock area. These six little skunks were cute. Despite their flaws, their defense mechanisms, they were adorable. The kind of adorable that makes one actually consider what it might be like to have a skunk as a pet.

It made me think about my own little ones. How the young versions of themselves make their many flaws cute. The kind of things that on adults are considerably less cute. Need an example? I'll give you five:

  1. Benett's freakishly hairy back. He's got some serious fur. On an adult... not cute. 
  2. Ellie's habit of eating things off of the floor. Forget about the 5 second rule, she doesn't discriminate.
  3. Gavin's tendency to wear his pants entirely too high. Can you say snuggie? On an adult... not cute.
  4. Benett's inability to keep his cleavage hidden. And he isn't a plumber.
  5. They all pick their noses. I'm not proud... It's gross at any age... but somehow more forgivable when they're little.
My kids all have adorable moments. I love each of them so much... quirks and hairy backs and all. (By the way, there are more than 5 quirky things about my kids, but I'll spare you all of that today.)

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