Thursday, June 30, 2011


I was so glad for Gavin's game to be over tonight, so I could get out of the oppressive heat and into a climate controlled environment. I'm such a wimp. 

Gavin was really feeling the heat too, but he had more of a reason to be as bright as this pretty Pincushion flower. You see, his baseball team tries to get kids to play in a variety of positions... to see where kids naturally excel and to give everyone a chance to try their hand at everything.

But Gavin loves to catch. He caught for all of Tuesday's game and all but one inning tonight. All of those pads are hot. He is a sweaty mess at the end of each game... and his cheeks are more than just rosey. He's red.

And like my vibrant little flower, Gavin is reaching out too... trying new things. Trying his hardest to be the best that he can be. In our garden and in our life it's so much fun to see things grow and blossom.

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