Wednesday, June 8, 2011


On Saturday we celebrated Mom & Dad's 39th wedding anniversary. It wasn't a big to-do. Just the eight of us... when Mom, Dad and Ryan arrived at our house, Gavin said, "Hey look! The gang's all here." I love the way his mind works and the phrases that he puts together as a result. Those gears are always turning.

It was a lovely night, so we celebrated as a gang of eight, enjoying our meal alfresco. It's not the night that I originally had in mind... that night was a lovely evening of adults... enjoying a drink, a meal and entertaining conversation.

I guess in the end, the night still encompassed all those things... Monte did a great job preparing our meal. (He's become quite the propane chef.) And we did enjoy a drink (or more accurately, a few) and the conversation was definitely entertaining (as were the kids).

This wasn't the event that I had in mind, but rather time spent enjoying each other... the still of the night... the warmth of the fire... the light of the moon... the laughter... the company of those you love and those who love you back. Not fancy, but still pretty nice.

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