Tuesday, February 2, 2016


After we all made it safely home, I could start to enjoy our snow day together. Home feels a little bit cozier, a little more like a refuge, when the wind is blowing and the snow is swirling. On these days, it's perfectly acceptable to snuggle under the biggest and coziest blanket in the house.

But before any of that, my first thought is always about this little tree.

I don my warm winter gear and trudge through the drifts to take a picture of this little tree every winter. There is something about it that calls to me.

It stands small and straight to the west of our house. Someday it will be part of a wind break. Someday the little people will play in its summer shade or the drift of snow that always forms at its feet in the winter. Someday it will be home for a family of birds.

It's impervious to the gusty wind. I love how this little tree stands steady and strong in any weather; calm in every storm. Someday it will be a bigger version of itself... that's true... but even though small, it's already doing the job it was planted to do. It's slowing the wind, collecting the snow and in the summer a favorite nesting spot for at least one Robin.

It's job isn't to be beautiful, though it is. This little tree is a reminder that though small, it's purposeful now. There is no need for someday; today is as good as any. Though it will grow, I like it just fine the way it is right now.

There is something about this little tree that reminds me that today is yesterday's, someday. Why a tree has the ability to remind me of this important lesson, so clearly... I'll never know.

Reminded that someday, I won't have all of my little people gathered around me on a snowy day eager for my company, I'm trying to sit a little longer under that big cozy blanket. There will be some other day for obligations. For now, we are happily right where we should be.

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