Friday, July 26, 2013


He tries so hard to be just like his big brother. He's always watching. Watching the good. Watching the not-so-good. Everything seems to be absorbed.

This summer at the lake, that meant fishing was a big deal for Benett... maybe some of that was due to genuine interest, but I think mostly because fishing is a big deal for Gavin. Even though his big brother didn't want to be close by, Benett kept his on on what Gavin was doing... the bait he was using, the way he was casting his line... every last detail was absorbed.

Luckily, the fish were biting, so Benett didn't have to just watch. He got in on the action too. He was thrilled to haul in his catch, even though it looked more like bait. That didn't matter to him.

Unlike his brother, Benett had no qualms about handling his catch. He loves to get his little hands dirty and is really good about trying to experience new things. In that regard, Gavin could learn a thing or two from his little brother...

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