Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It was only on for three weeks, but it seemed a lot longer than that... but we wait no more... today Gavin got out of his cast!

He was thrilled to be able to wiggle his fingers and make a fist. He was excited to see the inside of the cast... while I was petrified... I had an inkling of how much dirt had accumulated in it... it was gross indeed.

Most of all, Gavin was excited to grip a baseball bat and take a few practice swings. He's really getting into the sport. I'm not sure who's more excited... Gavin or Monte. It's great that they have a common interest in baseball.

Gavin's pinky is still aiming for left field. It's going to be that way for a while... but the doctor assures us that it will head back infield as Gavin grows older. I'm amazed at how quickly a child's bones can heal... and the technology involved in healing bones today... It's just amazing.

He's still getting used to having both hands back... it was funny to watch Gavin eat dinner... he continued to use his right hand. I didn't point it out to him... he was too buys rushing to finish so that he could finally take a bath. He's been waiting to soak in the tub for three long... LONG... weeks.

Look out everyone, the Southpaw is off the D.L... he's squeaky clean and ready to make up for lost time!

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