Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden Chores

I stayed out in the garden until after dark. Only good sense and the promise of a late dinner brought me in... I think I could have happily remained outside all night.

With the kids in bed, the dog was my company, alternating between his quest for something to chase and resting on the lawn. Luckily he didn't find anything to chase... I'm not a fan of the field mice who like to nest in the compost bin. I like that Jackson watches over me, keeping the mice at bay!

I was able to get the raspberries cut back and all the dead canes removed. I burned the litter and that little fire gave me just enough extra light to carry on in the dark. It was good to get that job done... now it's all ready to till and thin into rows this weekend... provided there's no rain.

I'm sure tomorrow I'll even have a little helper in Benett. He's always thrilled to spend time beating the dirt into submission, digging and getting dirty in general. Actually, he's a pretty good helper... and he's great company too.

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