Wednesday, May 25, 2011


A diligent Killdeer is nesting in our landscaping. I have to admit that these birds are more interesting to watch going about their business in the yard than they are to hear going about their business in the yard. They have a very loud, distinctive call...

This nurturing bird, when perched in the 'nest' seems quite content. The eggs seem to have been laid gently, maybe a bit haphazardly, in the river rock. They can hardly be identified... were it not for a very noisy bird, we never would have noticed them at all. Aside from some of the bits of litter from the corn harvest last fall, there is nothing nest-ish about the setup.

I mentioned that the nest is in our landscaping... It is under a scraggly little shrub that nearly didn't make it through the long (long) winter. It also happens to be directly in front of Gavin's bedroom window. He has taken it as his personal responsibility to check on the nest... frequently. It's also curious how the nest updates become more frequent in the evening... when little boys are supposed to be in bed.

We'll be keeping tabs on our little bird friend. I'm sure when the chicks hatch there will be quite a commotion. (The little ones are cute... and not so noisy.) But knowing my luck, I'm sure that commotion will also happen when little boys are supposed to be in bed.

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