Monday, May 23, 2011


It's beating me up, this cold. I can hardly form a coherent sentence. I'm trying to think healthy thoughts... thoughts of warm sunny days... where cough syrup and Kleenex are replaced with lemonade and time spent playing with the children in the garden... I'm thinking about chives...

Hmmm.... do you think the lack of sleep and over abundance of cold meds are taking their toll on me? Normally, I don't spend time thinking about chives... Let's just go with it, okay?

I didn't realize how pretty this herb is. The purple flowers are so delicate looking. Who doesn't love a plant that is not only fanciful to look at, but pairs perfectly with sour cream on a potato.

Aside from them growing like weeds in my garden, I think they're great... especially on a day where most things don't feel so great at all.

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