Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today has been one of those days where the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other seems like an impossible feat. Ellie decided to share her cold with me... and so I have an adult-size version of her runny nose and sore throat... queue the violin music.

It's a good thing today was stormy and inhospitable, or I'd feel guilty for not being out in the yard. We did get to spend a little time outside when we ventured over to Mom & Dad's. The boys love to spend time on the farm. We all do... but they turn it into a major production.

In today's adventure they had to climb the tree. As a kid I climbed that same tree... I recall sitting in those same branches... and hanging from that one limb that was, and still is, perfect for climbing. It was fun. A little adventurous. A little dangerous.

For Gavin, adventure and danger are right up his alley... so he spent some time in the tree this morning. We must have been encouraging him... telling him how good he was at climbing the tree... because when he got down he pronounced that he was 4% monkey.

Living with two little boys has been.... interesting. They are always on the go. Always saying the funniest things. Always with a truck in hand. I've had to give in at meal-time, or the screeching would never end... so I now allow trucks at the dinner table, but they have to park beyond the silverware. And in case you're wondering, etiquette dictates that trucks are always set to the right of the service knife and soup spoon.

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