Monday, May 9, 2011


This scene, and shared seat, is a rarity. Lately, the relationship between Benett and Elle has been... well... it's been cantankerous at best.

They're both growing and learning... that process is an important business for little people. For Benett it means learning how to get a reaction out of those around him. He must be on a Master's course, because he's getting pretty good at it.

Ellie is learning more about her physical surroundings... she gets around so well, and is sure-footed enough to almost run. (Life with two big brothers is just cause for learning to get out of the way quickly.) Elle doesn't talk much, but I know she understands a lot of what's being asked of her. She seems to just soak up her surroundings... taking it all in... digesting the goings-on and trying to figure out how she can use that information another time.

The learning and growing is fun to watch. It's a noisy environment. It's a happy environment.

These two are so different, but one thing they have in common is joy of reading. I just had no idea that they enjoyed reading so much that they'd even tolerate a shared seat to peacefully read to each other. Ellie would point to the picture and Benett would tell the story. (Using real words, for the most part.)

It was a short lived scene, but fun to watch. And one that I hope to see again soon.

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