Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Five Minutes

Next week, school will let out for summer break. That means, this is a sight I won't see again for a while... three children waiting for the bus. Faces pressed against the glass...

Despite the hectic nature of our mornings, I have to admit that I like those last five minutes we all spend together before we each go off for our day's work. It's that time when the rushing has stopped, and we're all ready to go... coats and shoes on... backpack, diaper bag and briefcase filled and ready for the day ahead. While we wait expectantly for the bus to arrive, we talk about the day ahead... our hopes and our expectations. I love to hear what each of these little people have to say about their day to come.

When summer has ended and the bus returns once again, this scene will be different. The kids will each be a little bigger. Gosh, I can't even imagine how different they'll each look... what new things they'll have learned... the slightly bigger versions of themselves that they will have become...

Not only will the kids be bigger, but we may not have five minutes to spend together in the mornings... I don't know what my new routine will be. I find myself wishing I knew what the future had in store for us... but what fun would that be, right? A life without surprises would be so much less interesting!

So for now, I'll just hope. I'll hope that things won't change too much. I'll hope that the kids don't grow up too much. I'll hope that we will still be able to enjoy five minutes of peacefulness together, in a new routine.

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