Monday, May 2, 2011

Where Was I?

When did Miss Ellie stop being a baby? Only yesterday her barely-there piggies were more fuzz than anything. Only yesterday she was learning to stand unsteadily on her own. Only yesterday she was that tiny baby we joyfully brought home from the hospital. Only yesterday she needed me for everything.

Today she's a genuine little girl... loving all of the things that are reserved exclusively for little girls. She loves to hold her babies. She loves to dance and sing. She loves her independence.

When did all of this growing-up happen? Where was I? It seems like I would KNOW if my baby girl all of the sudden grew up on me... but it's only when I look back at how small she really was, that I can see how big she truly is now.

Her piggies are still barely-there... this blonde-ish girl of mine just doesn't grow hair very quickly, which I'm thankful for... because in every other way she is growing too fast for me.

Little Miss Ellie... My darling, my dear... when we were saying "So Big!" it wasn't a request. We thought it was just a fun little game to be played... We love the way you put your arms in the air... so cute... but it was only a game. I think you took us seriously... we don't want you to be "so big..." we want you to stay just like you are...

Please, just give mommy another chance. Stay small for me just a little bit longer. I promise, I won't let another minute of your growing up pass me by.

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