Sunday, May 29, 2011


As we journey down the path of life, each of us encounter people, places and things that will change us forever. Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to understand quickly that we’re forever changed. Other times, it’s not until much later in our journey that we recognize how different we’ve become, for our life experiences.

I have been blessed in my journey. The path hasn’t always been easy. But that’s not the point. The point is that the path has been filled with things that have forever changed me… some things have made me stronger… some have filled my heart with fear… through some I have learned love… with all I have evolved.

I’m thinking about my journey because this week I feel things changing. On the surface, I have lost a luxury… the luxury of a convenient friendship. Each day I knew that I’d be able to see my friend at the office. We didn’t always have the opportunity to connect, but at least she was just a few steps down the hall and that was a comfort.

On one hand, I’m sad that I won’t see my friend each day. On the other, I’m just the littlest bit little relived… relieved that she has found a new calling… relieved that I can simply call myself her friend.

Digging deeper, we all have to consider that life can’t remain static. This change is just a new reality that we all will become acclimated to. It’s a little like walking down a country road… it may look simple. Undulating and dusty… but the things you experience along the way, no matter how small… a flower, an insect, a small bird singing a song from a perch on the fence post… well those things are important, even if they’re small. They help form an appreciation for the things in life that can be significantly bigger.

And at the end of that undulating and dusty path… home… or some other welcome destination… is a place where you share and impart what you’ve learned along the way.

Good luck, my friend. I know you’ll be great. I can’t imagine my life without you in it, so please don’t forget to travel down this dusty country road on your journey to greatness. 

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  1. It has been an amazing journey. I can't even begin to express the overwhelming emotions I have been feeling lately. I am going to miss my extended family and am scared that I won't ever have the closeness I have become to expect. I have to think that the distance will change our relationship in good ways. Maybe it will make us closer and force us to get our families together once in awhile. Maybe we'll even be able to have some "girl time" without the little people, possibly a double date??? You have been an amazing influence on me and have helped give me the strength to move forward in my career. Until the next time we cross paths....keep being your amazing self. I love you.