Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sad Shoes

These shoes just look sad. They should be. It's only October and Gavin has already managed to wear through his 'new school shoes.'
Does Nike make steel-toe-tennies? I'm not sure it would help. Gavin views new shoes as a personal challenge. His feet just can't be contained. Even summer flip-flops are no match for him.
So the bet is on. Monte (who is apparently living in some kind of fantasy land) believes that Gavin will only go through two additional pair of shoes this school year.
Me on the other hand, well I have a firm grasp on reality. I know that Gavin will have at least five pair of shoes (and don't forget winter boots) shredded before the school year is out.
The sad shoes have found their way to the garbage bin. Gavin is working on pair number two, and already they are no match for him. I broke out the glue... after a week. Monte's going to lose the bet. Maybe as soon as next week.

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