Monday, May 30, 2011


It was beginning to seem like this might be a permanent condition... all of the crying and fussing, restless and sleepless nights and lets not forget all of the mucus... ugh... But finally tonight Little Miss Ellie has turned the corner and we seem to have a healthy child on our hands again. It's a Memorial Day Miracle!

It's true, Ellie shuns the camera. I'm convinced that I'll ever have a picture of her looking into the camera... much less smiling. This picture is more her style. Dodging out of sight at the last second, off to more interesting things... Posing for the camera is just so... Gavin! That child, on the other hand, will stop everything to make a face.

With all of the healthy little people tucked away into bed, I'm going to cap off my long weekend with a frosty cold beverage. Cheers!

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