Friday, May 27, 2011


Poor sweet Ellie just can't seem to shake this cold. She's had a low grade fever for a couple of days, and her runny nose and cough are getting us all down.

I was hopeful tonight that our little one was starting to feel better. She ate a good dinner and danced and played with her babies. We even caught a glimpse of a smile... but it didn't last long. She's been crying on and off, in her crib for the last hour...

I'm sure she's crying because of the traumatic experience that her and I had trying to get her cleaned up for bed. All I was trying to do was wipe her nose/face... with her, that's not so simple.

That girl can sense you coming at her with a kleenex no matter how engrossed she is in something else. By the time you catch up to her, she's all arms, flailing and squirming to get away. She whips her head from side to side ferociously... I don't know what to compare it to... all I can say is that it's not fun. And leaving her nose isn't an option for me. It just looks... uncomfortable. So she screams and flails and I practically sit on her and try to get what I can off her face. At the end, we're both sweaty and mad.

I hope we're at the end of this crud. We're all ready to move on. I'd like to place an order for some sunshine and warm weather... the fresh air will do us all some good.

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