Friday, May 6, 2011


Getting the kids to eat a well balanced meal is like mission impossible at my house. We've tried so many things... bribery, trickery, ranchery... all are hit or miss.

The level of our effort is equally matched by the level of resistance. It's like anything else... it's obvious when one is trying too hard... and when it comes to mealtime, that warning flag goes up at a moment's notice by one and the other two quickly follow suit. When that happens, nobody's eating anything healthy-ish.

Some days that fight just doesn't seem worth it... tonight I probably should have realized that was the case... but I just couldn't do it. Benett just had to eat some fruit... one slice of pear... that's all I was asking... how hard could that be? Pears are tasty, right? Not today... not for Benett. It was a knock-down, drag out, full-on crying jag. Yuk.

In the end, he ate the slice of pear. But I'm not sure it was worth it... the bribe was pear for a piece of Easter candy, and I think those two things might cancel each other out.

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