Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Week

A week has already passed since we heard Immaculee speak. At the time I thought it would change my life. A week later, I know it has.

One thing that she talked about really spoke to me and has remained on the surface... sticking in my thoughts. She spoke a great deal about Kibeho. I'd never known about this small town in Rwanda... I can't say that before last week, I'd never really given much thought to visions (confirmed by the church or not) that people have had through the ages. But the story about Kibeho was compelling, and I haven't really been able to stop thinking about it.

Our Lady of Kibeho referred to the people gathered as "flowers." She said that all of her flowers needed water, those who stood tall and strong, as well as those that were wilted.

It's true that we haven't spent much time in the garden, but each time I see the flowers that we've tended (and those that have found their way all on their own) I can't help but think of this reference. I can't help but think of the little people... of Monte and me... all of us... how we alternately stand tall and other times droop a bit. I love the thought that we're all worthy of love and have a place in this world and the in the next.

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