Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Tonight the baseball season ended for the 8 & under teams. It was a beautiful night for a game. It was also fun to see how much the boys have grown through a short season of ball.

Gavin really learned some of the basics. He learned what he was good at, and the areas where he needed some extra practice. The coaches were great about encouraging the boys and helping them to be the best they could be.

Gavin also learned that baseball is a game that he enjoys. I think Monte is really excited about that... they now share a love for sports. That bond is going to be so much fun to watch, as it grows and blossoms.

Gavin is a lefty, which means there are limited options for a position that really suits him. He is an okay fielder... but there are just so many things that are distracting... way out there in the field... away from all the action... things (baseballs) tend to get missed (fly over your head) when one is distracted (has his face in his glove).

Luckily we got some of those embarrassing moments out of the way early in the season... tonight he was on task, paying attention. Only hiking his pants up occasionally... but spitting a lot... which I've been told is "okay." (Rest assured there will be an ongoing debate on that topic.)

Although he tried his hand at a number of positions, Gavin most enjoyed catching. He is good at it too. He's better suited to play where all of the action is at. And he doesn't mind the get-up and how hot it can be under those pads. I'm biased, but I think he looks pretty cute too. I love to see his sparkling eyes behind that catcher's mask.

After the game, I asked Gavin if he was sad that the season was over. He said that he wasn't. I think his activity-filled summer is catching up with him. Benett and Ellie don't share that sentiment... I know they'll miss coming to the park (parking lot) so frequently. Ellie was content to sit in the swing for most of the night, soaking it all in.

We're taking a little break, until soccer starts in the fall. Durring that time, we'll keep practicing hitting and throwing and catching. We'll also be taking some time to work on un-learning a couple of things... namely, that baseball pants don't need to be worn so high and that spitting isn't necessary unless you have a bug in your mouth.

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