Saturday, July 30, 2011


Days like today are extremely satisfying.

We crossed more than one project off the list.

Monte got to a couple of those chores that we'd been putting off 'til the weekend. There is nothing like a clean kitchen floor. We could have eaten our lunch off of it... actually, I think Benett did.

We filled the freezer and fruit cellar with stores that will remind us of these sunny summer days. (I couldn't help but photograph the pickles again. The light this morning was so pretty...) Today I 'processed' some zucchini... I may even make some bread tonight... maybe. Tomorrow we'll tackle the eggplant.

I'm also playing with a new toy and had to take some time to snap a few shots of random things... eyelashes... sunsets... and lots of other things in between.

The biggest project of the day has been an ongoing one. Today we really knocked out a big chunk, and we've nearly got it complete.

I can't tell you about it just yet. It's a surprise and I can't wait to share it with you! Maybe next week...

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