Saturday, July 23, 2011


We haven't really been spending much time outside the last couple of days. It's just been too hot... steamy... and generally uncomfortable to be in the elements.

Being stuck inside, in the summer, is akin to torture... or so it seems to the little people. So, I've been trying to put a positive spin on being confined to conditioned air, and came up with the following.

1.) Ellie hasn't been eating dirt. Any day that I can keep my daughter from eating a handful of dirt is counted as a successful day.

2.) The tomatoes are very plentiful. It looks like we're going to have a bumper crop.

3.) Cucumbers are scrambling along their fence at a record pace. And since there are no little fingers to "help" pick them at this stage of the game, we might actually be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor when the veggies are a little bigger.

4.) Playing inside means there is less laundry and fewer baths. (Until one steps outside for anything longer than 2.4 seconds... then all bets are off.)

5.) We've been playing on the computer for the first time since school let out. We play a few games, but it's just as fun to create these silly things on Picnik. His school pictures were perfectly cute all by themselves, but who could resist adding a mustache to a kindergartner? (We did purchase the copyright release from the photographer... that's a very important step in the process!)

I'm afraid we're running out of ideas though... let's hope the weather turns around so we can get back outside soon!

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