Friday, July 29, 2011


Pickle project #1 is complete.

Gavin was a great helper. From washing to slicing and packing the spears in the jars, he was very helpful. He also asked lots of questions along the way, which with him, always makes for an interesting exchange.

I must have been a bit repetitive, about washing the cukes... making sure that they're clean... it's important you know. Because he told me, "It's a process you know, Mom. I'm processing them over here [in the sink] and you're processing them over there [at the cutting board]."

We've never made dills before, so this was a new experience. I hope they're good, because we have a whole lot of them... 12 jars to be exact! The 'process' was quite straightforward, thanks to Joan's recipe. We're excited to try them. The decision was made to save them until Gavin's birthday. Our fingers will be crossed until then...

I followed the recipe for 9 of the jars, and made a little modification to three of them... just as an experiment. I think they all look pretty. I can't wait to photograph them in natural light, in the morning.

There is something very satisfying about the process... especially to hear the intermittent popping noises, as the jars form their seal.

Tomorrow, we'll finish up Project Cucumber by making refrigerator pickles. I'm looking forward to the outcome... and more than that, the conversation with Gavin.

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