Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This summer, we've continued Gavin's daily journal. We don't get an opportunity to write in it every day, but we try frequently.

He doesn't always have a topic, many times Gavin just writes what he's thinking about. Hence the fact that there are several entries about Legos, and how "awesome" and "cool" they are... which resulted in our first journal rule -- no more use of the words 'awesome' or 'cool,' to which Gavin said, "what words do I write then!?" He just couldn't imagine a world where he could get his point across and NOT use either of those words.

I love to read his entries. It's a real treat for me. I'll save and treasure each of the notebooks that he's filled with his thoughts and hopes and super-cool Lego building escapades.

Little Miss Ellie has also come to enjoy journal time. She climbs right up onto the chair where Gavin is sitting. After a couple of wiggly moments, Gavin is standing beside the chair while Ellie stands perched next to him. She digs to find all of the crayons and hunkers down next to her big brother to draw.

She can't quite decide which hand to use, so she uses the same technique she employs while eating... one in each hand. Although I'm nervous about her standing on the chair, I love to watch her so intent in her little activity.

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