Sunday, July 10, 2011


The rain finally came, early this morning. We could practically hear the garden sigh. I half wished I could have been in the garden when it rained, to see the dusty raspberries getting a bath. They're shining like jewels... spots of red in my green, green garden.

I can't wait for the noon-day sun to warm things up... The cucumbers will crawl along the trellis and the tomatoes will really start to make fruit in earnest. I'm convinced it will happen so fast, we'll be able to watch it, like a Discovery Channel time-lapsed video.

On warm and muggy summer days like this, it seems as though we can hear the corn grow. The corn looks different for sure, as it stretches... reaching out for the sun.

On warm and muggy summer days like this, we're also very grateful for conditioned air. Being outside in the heat is always fun to do when you know you have a cool house to go into.

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