Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The saying, in the Midwest, is that the corn should be "knee high by the fourth of July." It's old fashioned, but each year on the fourth, it's fun to see just how much the corn really has grown.

Our tradition is to take a picture next to a field. Growing up I recall taking a picture most years. Looking back on them is great fun as an adult, and brings back many memories that had faded. My hope is that one day, my kids feel the same way about our photo traditions. And that the pictures help them recall happy times.

For our photo opp., Ellie didn't really want to cooperate... For some reason, she wanted to be IN the dirt. Standing on it wasn't enough... she needed to be sitting in it. So we resorted to Gavin holding her up... She looks a bit like a scarecrow... with a voluminous belly.

The boys were just happy to be allowed to play so close to the field. Lately they've been enthralled by being in the field... which makes me nervous. I mean I'm not sure how they could get lost... after all Monte & I can't seem to get a moments peace... all the yelling and general merriment at our house must be heard from miles away... but the nervous mother in me likes to have eyes on them.

With Benett being so... vertically challenged... the early July corn is a perfect place to hide. And although it makes me nervous, I love this mischievous little face peeking out through the sea of green.

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