Sunday, July 31, 2011


Benett doesn't have a nickname. He's always been "Benett." Not even 'Ben.' I tried it out once. It didn't feel right.

He gave Gavin the moniker "Bubba." That's just how 'brother' comes out of a 1-year-old's mouth. Much to Gavin's chagrin, Bubba stuck.

I'm not sure how Ellie got the nickname of "Bug." It's usually "Ellie Bug" but from time to time it's just Bug. I especially like the way Benett says, "Ellie Bug... come here Ellie Bug..." It's pretty cute. (But dangerous for Ellie. Behind that sweet beckoning is a roughhousing session which usually ends in tears.)

But Benett has no nickname... Since he looks so much like his Bapa, I thought we should try "Buster." But there can be only one Buster.

It's a serious business earning a nickname. It takes time. It's something that can't be forced. So we'll sit tight, with Benett's serious little lips, contemplating a nickname for a not-so-serious little boy.

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