Friday, July 22, 2011


Every one of us got a haircut this week. It’s quite a liberating feeling, to lose all of that hair, especially when the weather is so warm.

For Ellie, it was her first time under the cape. Her mullet now looks a bit more intentional. I’m not sure how I feel about that… I just wish her hair would grow a little more consistently. Her bangs seem to grow disproportionately faster than the rest of her hair.

My sister-in-law says that if a child’s hair comes in slowly, it means they’ll have thick hair as they get older. If that’s the case, Ellie’s fine blond strands will be transformed to thick locks before we know it.

Gavin has great hair… thick, straight… no cowlicks. He just looks great in any kind of cut. Benett on the other hand has that same fine hair as Ellie. And his hair would rather stand on its end than lay flat. We call it his ‘stick-up hair.’ I’m not sure where that trait came from, since both Monte and I have thick hair that refuses to do anything.

The boys now have strange tan lines on their necks… you know the ones that make them look dirty... Actually, I think they’re 75% tan and 25% dirt. They refuse to let me scrub them in the tub. I’ve been trying to pick my battles, and scrubbing off tanned dirt marks isn’t one that I’ve chosen.

I'm tickled to see their tans, because it means that they’re enjoying the outdoors this summer. Running bare footed through the summer, basking in it's sun is what kids are supposed to do, right? With all of the time outside, we're using loads of sunscreen and have already been through two big bottles… yet slowly the bronzing continues. They wear their farmer tans with pride… Even their little feet have tan marks. It’s cute… on them… Monte’s Keen sandal tan lines on the other hand look a bit odd.

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