Monday, July 4, 2011


Gavin and I made a little time for a project today.

I've been wanting to try heat transfer vinyl for a while, which is a little surprising. My job 14 years ago was creating selling materials and convention display items using vinyl. It was tedious work. The vinyl and transfer material seemed endless. I never thought I'd use vinyl again, by choice.

There are some really great crafting tools out there these days. We use our Silhouette machine often... and the company always seems to be introducing new and fun ways to use it.

A few days ago I placed an order for a couple of different types of vinyl. It arrived on Thursday... and as luck would have it, Gavin needed a new muscle shirt for these warm summer days. So we had the perfect excuse to work on a design together.

I think next time we'll try something a little more advanced. We tried to keep things simple so we didn't get frustrated. It turned out to be a quick and fun project. I think the end result is pretty okay for our first try too.

This is no substitute for embroidery. I'm curious to see how long the design lasts. I'm afraid it may not come out of the washer and dryer in one piece. 

Gavin was a good helper today. And a cute model.

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