Monday, July 18, 2011


The human body is an amazing thing. We humans are able to adapt and to compensate for deficiencies. Sometimes these adjustments are consciously performed. Other times they're not... that amazing brain of ours does what it deems best.

Ellie's amazing little brain has been doing just that... urging her to eat lint. Yes, lint. Right... I know... She'll pick at a knitted blanket, or a shirt or even the carpet to get a little bundle of lint. (I'm thrilled that she doesn't know about the lint trap in the dryer.) Without hesitation, she'll pop that little lint ball in her mouth.

This lint eating habit has been a bit disturbing... it's caused my imagination to get the best of me. I was convinced that there was something very wrong with her. I was convinced that she'd be destined to join a carnival and travel the land performing with the fire eaters and sword swallowers. After all, who rationally looks at a steak knife and thinks, "I think I'll try to swallow that." It must all start by eating lint.

Much to my relief, we learned today that Ellie is iron deficient. I'm hoping it's the reason for her strange craving. We're treating her with Fred Flintstone and his amazing iron-filled vitamins. We're hopeful and quite relieved that she won't be traveling with a carnival in the foreseeable future..

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