Monday, August 1, 2011

Seven and Three Quarters

Although it's still summertime, August has a distinctly different feel.

In June, summer is new and exciting. School has let out. Swimming lessons are in full swing. We're getting used to our summer routine.

July means all kinds of summer rec. activities. It's picnics. It's parks and playgrounds and lots of time spent at the pool.

In August, things begin to wind down. We still have lots of fun planned... But we will try extra hard to eek as much out of each summer day as we can... we know that in the blink of an eye it will be Labor Day and then the first day of school.

Gavin is ready for school. I think he's getting excited. Excited for a new routine. Excited to be a year older. (He's seven and three quarters you know.) He excited to meet new friends and have some new adventures.

I look at this picture of him and can't help but think that he looks so old... he's growing up so fast. He may be excited for a new adventure... but me... well, I could do with a little bit more of what we've got right now.

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