Friday, April 1, 2011


The setting is as different from home as I think possible. There is nothing that is reminiscent of home. But the people are nice and Monte and I are enjoying our time together.

We're being your typical tourists. Doing touristy things. Taking lots of pictures. Reading lots of maps. (Loving the Garmin.) Eating at some great places. Enjoying lovely views. Being tourists is an okay thing to be.

I've been surprised by all of the homeless. I wasn't expecting... so many. In our touristy adventures we've also met many of the native people. They're very nice. Welcoming. They seem happy that we're here doing our touristy things. And even happier when we leave behind our touristy cash.

Yesterday we met also met a couple who drove here from Minneapolis. They were nice. They mentioned driving across the Rio Grande Bridge. Specifically, they called it a "butt tingling" drive. Monte and I were up for tingly buns, so we drove over.

The picture above is deceiving, but it's a half mile down to the water. A long, long way down. Monte was brave and walked to the center to take a couple of pictures. Not me. I'm a big chicken. My hands get sweaty just looking at the pictures.

This picture is at the bottom. I was a little braver at the bottom.

So this is us being touristy. It's been fun. We have a couple of touristy days remaining... but I'm missing the children so. I'm ready to give up being a tourist, for just being mom.

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