Sunday, April 17, 2011


It's April. It's not supposed to snow in April. Saturday was like a cruel joke. I was ready for a warm weekend where we could enjoy the outdoors. Instead it was cold and very windy.

I'm longing for those summer days when we venture outside in the morning and don't seem to make our way back to the house until the sun begins to set. I can't wait for that...

As I was flipping through some of our vacation pictures, I came across this one. (I must have been fascinated by cacti... I have so many pictures of them.) This picture feels warm. It's what we needed this weekend.

I guess it just goes to show, that no matter what we THINK we need, reality can be something totally different. We just have to do the best with what we're given. So the upside to the cold, snowy weekend was that I got all of the laundry done. All of it! Every last bit! There isn't even a dirty sock to be found. Now that's satisfaction.

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